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 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 

 In this presentation, the author's ideas laid the meaning of combining sports and smart features. Not really possible to understand what may be similar to these directions, but the author wrist smart expander "Innovator" I am confident in the future of this device that below and will be described. Actually this device will be one primary function, and will explain that the presentation will have a short but understandable sense. 
 So, carpal smart expander will implement sports programs, performing their basic function. That is, the user will be able to do physical action with a brush of his hands, clenching and unclenching expander. The handle of the expander will be either rubber or plastic. But in places of bending on the sides of the expander, will be branches that will be included in the control unit. The branch will serve as levers, designed for physical effects on the sensors and devices in the control unit. This is a small description of the mechanical structure of this device.
  Next will be presented the smart features. First and foremost, control and adjustment processes of the smart simulator is the same name mobile application. The app will count the number of physical impacts on the expander and to make recommendations about the periods of repetition of these actions. Special application signals, using gadget, which will be able to install it, will notify the beginning and end of the physical impacts. Of course, the smart expander will also be able to be mated as standard with any gadget, for its control and adjustment through an existing control unit. To begin using will need to download the mobile app and enter your basic physical data. 
 But the main innovative feature is that the control unit in which special equipment is installed, resulting in the exposure of the side levers ( which will be given and the function of the rotor) to the stator windings, will produce electricity. That is, the user can, by connecting the power cable, for example to your gadget to charge it. Or other device which will lack the energy produced from this device. Also having his body small the battery itself smart expander charge is not necessary, as he himself will provide the necessary recharging. Also supplied with the smart expander may include a miniature flashlight.
 To summarize this presentation, we can conclude that in the sports area might be the right combination with smart capabilities. Wrist smart expander "Innovator" is a good example, innovative functions which will serve to increase its popularization and fast development. Also this device will be very convenient in hikes or trips where there is no access to a standard power supply. 
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Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
  Rather global approach to the implementation of this idea. It is that would you apply this concept to common types of sports - volleyball, tennis, etc.
 Method of application zaklyuchaetsya that would, for example, in tennis, standard transparent mesh to replace is not transparent. That is, instead of a grid in the same size , vasalisa not transparent material. The same is applicable in volleyball, ping-pong, water Polo... In mind the current sporting achievements in various sports, this innovation will give the opportunity for professional athletes to improve their achievements and skills. This idea pozitsioniruetsya as a completely new direction in the development of the entire sports world.
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