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Instead of a funny pokemon on the screen of the gadgets we are seeing quadcopters (drones), which have greater maneuverability in real life, manifest and show it in the game. Of course, their chaotic movements are accompanied by sound effects and change the color splash on the screen of the gadget. In the game Smartdrones can steal a variety of items, animals or people. I repeat - the game!!! For example - You saw Smartdrones flew to Your cup. Also understand that Smartdrv flies to You can also by means of an audio signal that will publish Your gadget. Program management game scanned instantly cup, made on the screen of his hand-drawn colored structure. Smartdrones again very quickly grabs the Cup and trying to carry. And then the task of the user in time to stop the aircraft or element to find it and his cup for active navigation. From this activity, if You have time to stop or to find a cup with Smartdrones, it is possible to obtain compensation in the form of a new level, increasing the number of points or even cash rewards. Variants of the play and the game may have a large number.
 Game elements (Smartdrones), mainly in the game appear at head level. It slightly increases the safety of using the game in an open area. 
This project is only open for investment.
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